Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Steampunk creations for Truth Coffee

I know I have been a bad blogger... real life just keeps getting in the way...

I have just done some samples for Truth Coffee Roasting to see if they want to go with a Decor theme in their "pods" as I call them.
I made a fake cake, a mechanical hand, an airship and a hat of course!
There are quite a few of these pods (11) grouped together and currently house the products they sell.
I had fun over the week end making the creations to trial run in them.
I was restricted by the size of the pods which was interesting to say the least as I usually create quite freely and with gay abandon... this restriction caused some brain scratching...

First I went shopping and bought some blanks

Then I started working on my ideas

And finishing them off

Then it was onto the cake...
I got some thick cardboard and cut and glued the sides onto the cupcake stand to make it into a cake.

Then I spray painted it copper and punched some paper strips. Made some paper roses and polyurethane stuff which I also sprayed copper.

The finished fake cake!

The mechanical hand has a 3D printed winding mechanism and eyelets with cogs and chain as well as a 3D printed submarine for good measure...

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Distress Oxide Journal page

Hi there

I have recently purchased all 12 of the new Distress Oxide inks... Cos I needed to want them all...

I received them on Friday and have had a few hours to play and test and experiment...

My latest discovery is that you can use them direct to paper, spray them with water and transfer the ink onto the opposite page...  Just like I do with the Distress stain sprays...

I got so excited, I made a video on Facebook Live this morning at 10am!

How to use the Distress Oxide inks as a background in a journal
Posted by Belinda Basson on Saturday, 18 February 2017

This is what the page looked like when it was dry.  the camera changes the colours a bit and the pages look a bit more even in colour in real life...

I have then spent the rest of the morning playing with the inks through stencils, printing with them and using embossing powder on the stamped images...

What a blast!  This stuff is addictive... It should come with a warning!

 This is where I have inked through the stencil then sprayed the "inked" stencil with water and instead of cleaning it off, I have printed it back on my page...

The splats were made by mixing the inks on my craft sheet with water and splatting them on my page with a paint brush.

 This stamp comes with its own mask.  after stamping in the fired brick and vintage photo, I then covered it with the mask and darkened the area around the stamped image using an applicator tool with the fired brick Distress Oxide.

These splats were made using only water in the photo above.  The ones below are with the diluted ink.

I stamped onto the fired brick area with fossilized amber and covered it with clear embossing powder.  Then when it had cooled, I rubbed fired brick and a little vintage photo over the stamped image using applicator tools.  The Distress Oxide inks take the embossing powder beautifully and work so well on dark paper.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

2016 in review

Last year was a busy one, all be it a quiet one on my blog...

I have made some structural changes to my schedule for 2017 and will hopefully be around here a whole lot more as I will no longer be guest teaching at local stores on weekends.

If you are a fellow blogger then you will know that it takes time to take the right photos and to type up the text, there just wasn't that time available last year as I installed my art in Truth Coffee in January, Steam restaurant in July and created a few HUGE things for an office in Westlake followed by a commission for 7 huge modern artworks for a private house which I installed late in December!  In between that, I did guest teaching for local scrapbook stores and taught 6 classes a week at my own studio!

Here are the projects I did take photos of...

Truth Coffee

Steam Restaurant 
Houwhoek convention

Art journal classes


Westlake office

Private home



Friday, 18 November 2016

Tim's November Tag

Hi there

I know I have been a bad blogger this year, but I am busy making changes to my life in the real world so that I can be more creative for me... which hopefully will mean blogging more!!!!

I have been guest teaching mixed media and the like at stores since 2011 and it has taken its toll on me and my family.

I have my own studio where I teach acrylics on canvas to adults Monday to Thursday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings... ie: 6 classes a week.  This is my "bread and butter money."  I have been doing this for 19 years!

Then I have been doing the external guest teaching so I could fund my crafting hobby.  Unfortunately the time it takes to design projects, kit them and teach them on Fridays as well as week-ends, has taken its toll on both me and my family.


I have decided to only teach acrylics on canvas at my studio next year.   I will not be doing any external guest teaching.

I will however be teaching the owners of the various stores and any other teachers who would like to learn from me.  This way what I have started will not end...

I am keen to pass on what I know so the industry grows and the store owners grow.

The last class I will be guest teaching for this year will be Tim's technique tags on 3 December at Art and Ink!  Then I am taking a year off.

So here you see my versions of the November and October tags.  If you would like to see how Tim created them you can click these links:  October tag and November tag

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Giant Clock

I seem to have this wonderful sideline thing going on in my creative world... Making crazy steampunk stuff...

If you are visiting from WOYWW, this is what was on my "desk" last week...
A gentleman who saw my installation at the restaurant Steam asked me to make him a giant clock 2.26m big and steampunk a taxidermy Warthog head which he had dropped off.

The boardroom that these items were going in is up a narrow flight of stairs.

I had to make the clock out of wood instead of my usual foamcore and therefore had to make it in 1/4s so it could be manhandled up the stairs and put together insitue.
I got the board company to cut the sheets of 18mm MDF into 4 times 1.13m squares and then drew the curve on them for my dear hubby to cut with a jigsaw.

Then I set about priming the wood.
In the mean time I designed the roman numerals in Corel Draw and send them off to be lazer cut in 3mm MDF along with the hands.

I purchased the nuts,bolts and metal plates from a local hardware store and got my dear hubby to drill the holes for me.  Then it was a case of all hands on deck and under the deck to put it together.
Once it was all in one piece I could paint technique it and add the final details

Here she is in her final abode.

I will document the warthog another day!

Thursday, 29 September 2016

I sold a Canvas!

Hello there

I am super excited to say that I sold my first canvas at Truth Coffee shop!  I have a permanent exhibition space for my work as part of my art installation there.

Yesterday a gentleman from Florida purchased my canvas titled "Vintage World"  which is all about travel and time...

this is how I made it.

 Start with a blank 12"x12" canvas
 I took out the lasered chipboard
 die cut and embossed some leather
 I drew on the canvas where the laser cut were going to be. Spread texture paste on the canvas and imprinted a stamp into it, then pushed the laser cut into it to and removed it.
 turned the blue laser cut black with my jet black archival ink pad
here is a close up so you can see that the case has been done, but not the globe yet.
 Here you can see the dry texture paste.
 I rubbed the canvas with distress ink and archival inks in oranges, and yellows and gave it a generous coat of Distress crackle paint.
 This is a close up of the cracks

 I then rubbed the Coffee archival ink pad directly onto the canvas just on the world area.
 two close ups for you above and below
 I then started colouring the globe
 I used Ground espresso distress ink, above is before and below is after
 I then dragged it through some tarnished brass distress stain, for good measure.
 Here I am working out what to do with the fob chain.
 I then rusted the canvas using Finn's rust paste

 What follows is lots of close ups...

 I also die cut the hinge and cogs from leather as seen below.